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Falcon Crest Lodge, 190 Kananaskis Way
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At the only Vietnamese restaurant in the Alberta Rockies, owners Victor and Laura Khuu (who hail from Vietnam) take pride in preparing authentic and healthy Vietnamese cuisine using abundant fresh herbs. The Khuus have been in Canada for 36 years and have operated Canmore restaurants since 1992. Their experience, passion and care is reflected in every dish they serve.


In a hidden spot away from downtown, Indochine features a fountain with koi and plants, Victor’s striking photos of Ho Chi Minh City and a patio with a Rundle Range view. The lounge has a rock fireplace, granite bar and big screen TVs.

Menu Samples

  • Appetizers: salad rolls (Gi Cun) (vermicelli, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, fresh mint, rice wrap, choice of shrimp, beef, chicken or pork, hoisin sauce, peanuts); Vietnamese deep fried spring rolls (ground pork, vermicelli, carrot, taro); skewers (beef, chicken, pork or shrimp, satay or lemongrass seasoning)
  • Chicken, Beef or Pork Skewers: two skewers with satay or lemongrass
  • Gyoza: Japanese pan-fried pork and vegetable dumplings
  • Noodle Soups (Ph): cilantro, fresh basil, green onions, bean sprouts and lime; meatball, shrimp, beef or chicken (with satay options) or shrimp tom yum hot and sour; some with cucumber and tomato
  • Curry: chicken, beef, prawns or tofu with vegetables on rice
  • Rice Vermicelli (Bún): fresh mint, bean sprouts, lettuce, shredded carrot, sliced cucumber, peanuts and fish sauce on the side; spring roll and charbroiled pork, beef, lemongrass chicken or satay prawns
  • Rice Dishes: charbroiled beef, pork chop, seasoned pork, lemongrass chicken or grilled satay prawns; sliced cucumbers, shredded carrots, tomatoes, fish sauce on the side
  • Vietnamese Beef Stew: served on coconut or plain rice
  • Vegetarian: salad rolls; spring rolls; deep fried tofu vermicelli; veggie spring rolls vermicelli; deep fried curry tofu on coconut rice
  • Desserts: mango berry cheesecake; deep apple pie with ice cream; torte

Mains$12 to $20; lunch specials $10 to $12

Drinks: wines $36, 11 choices, $23 by the 1/2 litre; $8.50 by the glass, two choices; exotic cocktails from fresh local ingredients $6 to $8.50; bottled and draught domestic and international beers, $5 to $7.50; iced or hot Vietnamese espresso coffee brewed at your table, $4.50

Wed to Sun 5 to 9 pm; closed Mon/Tues
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